Surreal64CE B6.0 Released

Happy New Year everyone! Today, I've decided to release a new build of Surreal64CE. This build features core and plugin updates across the board. MusyX now has limited support, and many games are now playable or better. Lots of blood sweat and tears has gone into updating/fixing Rice Video 6.12. It is my favorite plugin to use, but there are some discrepancies where 5.60 works better.
Get it at!

B5.52 Official Source Release

Along with the rebooting at SourceForge, I have put together a couple fixes to the B5.52u package and released its source code. An annoying error message would alert you when a texture was missing in Rice 6.12 while in release mode, and I added the old software vertex clipper to Rice 6.11. You can get the entire package in the Downloads section. No binary, but the source code is all there.

The Subversion address is

SourceForge Page Rebooted

With some new source code that was given to us not too long ago, Surreal64CE got some much
needed attention. There is still alot on the plate before another release rolls out, and
it will include some new goodies that we have been slowly working on since our last release.

What you can hope to expect:

There is alot that can go into the project and any help is always welcome.
Drop by on IRC and say hello!
#surreal64ce on EFNET